By calling the “Close” method, the following will happen:
- The assignment will no longer be published
- All applications connected to the assignment, that has not yet been accepted or rejected, will
automatically be rejected. The applicants will be notified by email that their application
has been rejected.

In the endpoint below, [id] should be replaced with the ID-number of the ad to close. So to close ad with ID 2232, the endpoint should be /api/DistributionApi/Close/2232

End point


Request format


Response Messages

The Brainville API will respond to the HTTP POST in the following manner:


If the post was successful, the response will be HTTP Status 200 (OK).


Incorrect authentication – The service will return HTTP Status 401 (Unauthorized). This
will be returned if either API User Key or API Sender Key is incorrect
Bad XML – If the XML is malformed, a HTTP Status 400 (Bad Request) will be returned.
Incorrect assignment Id – a HTTP Status 404 (Not found) will be returned